Training on Disaster Preparedness, First Aid, and Basic Life Support was spearheaded by the MGB-X GAD Focal Point System in cooperation with the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Department of Cagayan de Oro held at the MGB-X Conference Room and premises from October 2 to 4, 2019.  Five rescuers from CDRRMD-Oro Rescue trained the participants on the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to help sustain life in an emergency and minimize the consequences of respiratory and cardiac crises until more advanced medical help arrives. Thirteen MGB-X personnel managed to complete the entirety of the three-day event.

The first two days of the learning event focused on the theory, concepts and presentation of the proper basic life support (BLS) techniques and procedures that include emergency action principles, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED), rescue breathing, and management of foreign body airway obstructions. On the second day, hands-on demonstrations of previously taught skill sets were held. Participants were evaluated based on their ability to initiate BLS and deliver high quality CPR on adult and infant dummies.



Standard first aid methods were taught on the last day.  Trainees were instructed on the appropriate measures to be undertaken in the event of a soft tissue or musculoskeletal injury, types of bandage to be applied to various physical trauma, and the conventional lifting and moving actions used to transport an injured person through a spinal board. The participants were then divided into two groups (1 and 2) with the trainers assessing the performance of each group in a simulation of an emergency scenario.