October 01, 2018, the day scheduled for the signing of the Industrial Sand and Gravel (ISAG) Permit of Mr. Ferdinand H. Dulatre located at Brgy. Tambagan, Medina, Misamis Oriental. The said permit is denominated as IP-0000012-2018-X containing an area of 5.1340 hectares.

Mr. Dualtre filed an application for Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit denominated as IPA No. 000028-X to extract, remove and dispose sand and gravel and other loose and unconsolidated materials authorized under Philippine Mining Act of 1995 and its revised IRR for industrial purposes on July 02, 2018 and had completely submitted the mandatory requirements pursuant to Section 74 of DAO No. 2010-21.

Series of Technical Conference has been conducted with Mr. Dulatre for the evaluation of his submitted documents that further led to the recommendation for the issuance of the ISAG Permit. The ISAG Permit has been signed by the Regional Director, Rex S. Monsanto, CESE and the terms and conditions of which has been signed accepted by Mr. Dulatre.