By virture of Provincial Mining Regulatory  Board (PMRB) Resolution No. 0003, Series of 2018 dated May 16, 2018, a parcel of mineral land situated at Sitio Kagatan, Brgy. Dao, Municipality of San Fernando, Bukidnon containing an area of eighty one (81) hectares (more or less)  is officially declared as Minahang Bayan Area.

In the same manner, that PMRB Bukidnon by virtue  of Resolution No. 0004 Series of 2018 dated November 13, 2018, a parcel of mineral land situated at Sitio Manlauyan, Barangay Gango, Municipality of Libona, Bukidnon containing an area of 58.1451 hectares (more or less)was declared as people’s  Small-Scale  Mining Area  or  Minahang Bayan.

The declarations were made after the full compliance of the procedural and documentary requirements as People’s Small-Scale MiningArea/Minahang Bayan by the respective petetioneers, Brgy.  Captain Medy N. Manalla, representing the people of Brgy. Dao and the Local Goovernment of Gango, represented by Brgy, Captain Eleazar P. Ebona.

The declaratiions were in consonance to Section 2 of Republc Act 7076 and DENR Administrative Order No. 2015-03 to  quote “providing among  others  that it shall be the policy of the State to promote, develop, protect and rationalize viable small—-scale mining activities in order to generate more employment opportunities and provide an equitable sharing of the nation’s wealth and natural resources, giving due regard to exisitng rights as herein provided under RA No. 7076”.

Likewise, Section  3 also provides “that Ïn order to attain the objective, it shall implement  the People’s Small-Scale  Mining  Program as provided under R.A. 7076 ; Effect  an orderly , systematic and ecologically balance administration and disposition of small-scale mining areas, and regulate the small-scale mining industry , with a view of enchancing its growth and productivity, as well as ensuring envirnmental protection   “

The declarations were attested by  PMRB Chair, Hon. Jose Ma. R. Zubiri, Provincial Governor of Bukidnon, Engr. Daniel S. Belderol,  Chief, Mine Management  Division,  Mines and Geosciences Bureau-X, Engr. Quirino Telow, Jr. , PMRB Member representing the small-scale Mining Sector  and Ms. Cecille M. Egnar , Bukidnon  Environment  and Natural Resources Officer (BENRO) – PMRB  Secretariat.

The said PMRB Resolutions”0003- and 0004 shall be forwarded to the Secretary of the Department of Enviroment and Natural Resources (DENR), Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon  City, copy furnised the Mines and Geosciences  Bureau, Central l Office, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.