A two-day Orientation and Workshop on the Institutionalization of HOTLINE 8888 was conducted on February 15-16, 2018 held at the Ritz Hotel, Garden Oases, Davao City for Mindanao Cluster.

Participants include representatives from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Offices such as PENROs, PEMUs and the line Bureaus, Mines and Geosciences Bureau and Environmental Management Bureau respectively.

The objective of the Training was to capacitate the focal person of each agency to ensure the efficient implementation of 8888 Hotline pursuant to Executive Order No. 6 series of 2016 and to harmonize the existing public feedback mechanism of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR) to this Hotline.

The first leg of the 2-day activity was the introduction of Executive Order No. 6 and the orientation of the Hotline 8888 presented by Director Marychelle Gay T. Santos, Director IV, Office of the Cabinet Secretary.

Highlighted in her presentation was the mission of Hotline 8888 which was established to fight all forms of corruption and eradicate red tape in the government. It protects marginalized sectors by giving voices through a line where they can report corrupt practices in the bureaucracy that may hinder the development of our nation. The objective of this Hotline also is to conserve the right of every Filipino to a clean government where services are accessible without under the table transactions, where processes are transparent and results or feedbacks on concrete and specific action are given within 72 hours. This hotline is another platform where ordinary people can bring into the attention of proper authorities, conditions that affect the environment that communities experienced or witnessed daily. These could be the illegal logging, mining or quarrying conducted by local people, or shooting of an endangered Philippine eagle or the government personnel that looked away while forest products are being illegally transported to the cities.

Hotline 8888 serves a greater purpose out of the many complaints it receives. From corruption to unscrupulous activities, 8888 is continuously evolving. Yet, it is intended to enhance the efficiency of government agencies in delivering expected services to its stakeholders. It shall conduct analysis of gathered data for policy recommendations for services to reach the masses and to communities that needed the services most. It could help and assist government agencies to review existing policies, streamline overlapping processes for a faster and reliable feedback to people’s concerns. With this, it can contribute in empowering the people, the citizenry, to get engaged in governance, to report, to monitor, to assess and to be partners for change.

The second part of the activity was presented by Ms. Merlinda Manila, Focal Person, and DENR Action Center.  The discussions were all about how the Hotline 8888 complaints from the office of the President transmitted to the DENR Action Center and harmonize it with the complaints or queries lodged in the DENR Action Center prior to the dispatch of these complaints or query to the concerned agency.

DENR Action Center caters concerns from citizens through calls (landlines; celfone) SMS, email, webpage, social media, facebook as a communication channel with the following medium: a. land lines: 920-06-89, 929666 26 loc. 2295, Hashtag #3367 b. Mobile Phones: 09178683367, 09178853367 and c. e-mails: actioncenter@denr.gov.ph and aksyonkalikasan@denr.gov.ph.

Further conveyed was on how the complaints/queries/concerns transmitted to the concerned agency for appropriate actions. First flowchart presented was the Hotline 8888 to the DENR Action Center: the call will be lodged in the Office of the President 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Hotline then using the Zimbra Account Portal it will be transmitted to the DENR Action Center through email. After processing and identification of complaint it will now be referred to the concerned agency for concrete and specific actions within 72 hours. Relatively the same process flow was discussed on the complaints lodged in the DENR Action Center directly referred to the concerned agency.