Creative outputs of Team 1 MSESDD (upper left corner), Team 2 MMD (lower left corner), Team 3 Geosciences Division (upper right corner) and Team 4 FAD (lower right corner)


The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region X conducted a modified poster making contest for its employees to participate during the World Environment Day on June 05, 2020 held at the MGBX office. The activity was spearheaded by the MGB-X Working Committee for the 2020 Environment Month.

The four teams, composed of the three main divisions of MGB-X; Geosiences Division, Mine Management Division and Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division, along with the  Finance and Administrative Division, were given an illustration board and colored chalks to draw in respect to their own interpretation of the word, “BIODIVERSITY”.  Each member of the team was required to draw something until it fills the whole illustration board and produces a unique output. In the end, the MGB-X employees came up with various creative outputs showcasing their hidden talent for drawing.

The criteria for judging will be based 50% on which poster garners the most likes after being posted on the MGBX’s official facebook page, MGB Region X and 50% of points from the selected virtual judges. The winning team will be announced on the Environment Month Culmination happening in the end of June.