In order to provide an avenue for important policies and updates to be cascaded down the line of command, the Finance and Administrative Division of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. X spearheads the conduct of a General Meeting cum Employees’ Day last April 24, 2017 at the MGB-X Conference Room.

To ensure that usual office transactions will not be disrupted, personnel were divided into two (2) batches. Mr. Jerome N. Ventic, Chief Administrative Officer discussed on Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) delving more on its purpose and relevance in the current public service setting it being output driven. He also mentioned that SPMS is one of the bureaucracy’s strategy in recognizing and rewarding the efforts of its employees. ISO initiatives of the regional office was also discussed highlighting the different training programs that have been conducted in pursuit to become an ISO Certified regional office in its Quality Management System.

Ms. Joanne Rose O. Alvarez, Administrative Officer V underscored various CSC policies and updates considering the issuance of memorandum circulars reiterating policies on government office hours, administrative offenses on frequent unauthorized  absences, tardiness/undertime in reporting for duty, and loafing during regular office hours.  She also reminded all personnel on standing office/CSC policies such as wearing of proper office attire and ID, No Smoking Policy, No Noon Break and the timely submission of SALN and Performance Reports (IPCR). Policies on DENR Scholarship, Study Leave, training and travel were also discussed focusing on documentary requirements, qualifications and its corresponding service obligations.

The meeting concluded with an open forum which served as avenue for MGB-X personnel to air their opinions on certain office policy and provide comments and suggestions.