MGB-10 conducted a consultation with contractors and permittees of Region 10 namely:

1.  Holcim Philippines Manufacturing Corporation – HPMC, 2.  Wolfland Resources Inc., 3.  CESSMAG, 4. CEKAS, 5. APC Mining, 6. Maria Cristina Chemicals Industries, 7. Mountain Range, 8. Cypress Mining, 9. Eagle Crest, 10. Glendale Mining

The consultation was held at the DENR-10 Conference Room yesterday, June 7, 2012 at 1:30 P.M.

The consultation started with a prayer and a brief background regarding the Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program.  MGB Regional Director Relampagos gave his opening statement and requested Engr. Rodante B. Felina, Chief, Mining Environment and Safety Division to present the Rationale and Objectives of the National Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program. The program is to be undertaken in the scale of 1:10,000.  RD Relampagos also explained to the participants the dwindling number of geologists in all the Regional Offices nationwide which caused the delay in the geohazard mapping. Thus, the Central Office decided to tap the services of the mining companies’ geologists to assist MGB to accomplish the 1:10,000 scale geohazard mapping in 2014.

After the open forum, the body agreed to choose their target municipalities for the said project as follows:


Contractor/Permitte Target Area – (Municipality)
1. Holcim Philippines Manufacturing Corp. Lugait
2. Wolfland Resources, Incorporated Manticao
3. CESSMAG Naawan
4. CEKAS Initao
5. APC Mining El Salvador
6. Maria Cristina Chemicals Industries Brgy. Linamon (along the coast)
7. Mountain Range Opol
8. Cypress Mining Laguindingan
9. Eagle Crest Libertad
10. Glendale Mining Alubijid
11. Iligan Cement Corporation Talakag
12. Mindanao Portland Cement Corporation Gitagum
13. San Christo Mining Quezon, Bukidnon

San Christo Mining, Iligan Cement Corporation and Mindanao Portland Cement Corporation were not represented during the meeting but they were assigned areas and will be notified by MGB thru letters.

The participants were also informed that funding for the said project may be taken from the SDMP funds earmarked for the development of mining technologies as well as from funds for corporate social responsibility of these companies. The participants were further encouraged to participate with this project considering that most of the former MGB geologists are now already employed with Exploration Companies. Surely, this is a way for these companies to prove that indeed they have the required technical capability.

The consultation was adjourned at 3:00 P.M. by the presiding Officer, MGB-10 Director Alfredo T. Relampagos.

The poarticipants during the presentation on the rationale and objectives of the Geohazard Assessment and Mapping


Wolfland  Resources Inc. representatives – Engr. Neoman B. de la Cruz and Mr. Anders West


Engr. Rodante B. Felina during his presentation on the Rationale and Objectives of the Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program


RD Alfredo T. Relmapagos during the Open forum


The activity started with a prayer