A Landslide occurred on July 19, 2010 at Sacred Heart Village which is located at zone 8, Sitio Zayas, Brgy. Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City, which brought damages on one (1) classroom. Fortunately, there was no one inside the room during the event. The landslide partially damaged the wall of the classroom. Slide materials consists of mixed huge boulders and the granulated earth materials from the terrace gravel probably soaked with water.

Although there is no reported hurt by the random occurrences of mass movements coming from the very steep slope, the principal is concern on risk involve with the pupils and teachers. The mass movement progress to alarming level that could caused more damaging landslide overnight depending mainly on the amount of rainfall in the vicinity. The nearest school building is only 7 to 11 meters away from the foot of an artificial cliff, based on the interview made with the principal and on the observed piles of screed earth materials, landslide and other type of mass movements has long been occurring in this area.

Some houses and a chapel are also present near the cliff and adjacent near the school building which are highly susceptible to any downward mass movement coming from the unstable man-made cliff that is now aggravated by natural weathering processes. Landslide could be induced by heavy rainfall especially immediately after long period of dry season. Therefore, residents, teachers and students are advice to be very vigilant to any manifestations or signs of any impending mass movement such as tension cracks, extensive spring like seeping water from the foot of slope and/or at slope itself that may advance to damaging landslide. It is also advisable that the school and other structures be relocated to an alternative safe site rather than to resort to costly but still risky mitigating engineering measures.