Strengthening the Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Campaign of responsible mining has been the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) Region X’s top priority for years. Personnel would personally go to far-flung areas to give presentations and hand out IEC materials to local communities, targeting to achieve a much wider reach. The Office planned to continue this method of information dissemination until a significant percentage of the population in Region X is being covered.

However, due to the pandemic, it made it challenging to continue the said innovation and temporarily halted the activities.  Although, this setback did not stop the MGB-X to rise above. COVID-19 has affected numerous plans, but it definitely brought out the resiliency of everyone. MGB-X made use of the social media instead, to continue disseminating information about responsible mining. Hence, an E-Aral Series was launched in November of 2021, also, in celebration of the Philippine Mining Month.

Its goal is to strengthen the IEC campaign through the use of social media. The first episode debuted on November 12, 2021 on MGB-X’s official Facebook Page, @MGBRegionX, covering the definition of Mining. Then followed by a second episode, covering the Stages of Mining uploaded on November 19, 2021.

This series is set to end at the end of the month of November 2021, but, will definitely be back for the year 2022, together with new IEC innovations to watch out for.