Office of the Regional Director. The Regional Director implements the pertinent laws, policies, rules and regulations, implementing the Bureau’s programs in the region; exercises the management functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling; and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or further delegated by the Director. In particular, the office of the Regional Director takes charge of mineral lands administration and geosciences services; provides staff services on planning, mineral economics, community development in relation to mining activities, information, education and communication campaign and legal matters, and renders staff and technical support to the Panel of Arbitrators and the Provincial/ City Mining Regulatory Board.

Mine Management Division. Undertakes processing/initial evaluation of mining rights applications and manages the issuance of mining rights operations in mining tenements; takes charge of the operationalization of the mineral rights management system and provide technical services to other government agencies, mining contractors/permittees and general public.

Mining Environment and Safety Division. Responsible for the enforcement and monitoring of compliance with the environmental and safety provisions of Republic Act No. 7942 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations pertaining but not limited to the Environmental Work Program, Annual Environmental Protection Enhancement Program, Mine Decommissioning Plan, Mine Waste and Safety and Health Program.

Geosciences Division. Conducts geological, geo-environmental and mineral exploration surveys; complements the Mine Management Division in the evaluation of mining rights applications; and provides geological and geoscientific information and geotechnical services to other Government agencies, mining contractors/permittees and general public.

Administrative and Finance Division. Provides general administrative services pertaining to human resource management, records, property and other forms of support to the operations; and render budgeting, cashiering and accounting services.