The Chief of the Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division (MSESDD) together with Engr. Alvin M. Villanueva, Engr. Liberty B. Daitia, and Ms. Virginai R. Verdejo, Officers-in-Charge of the Mine Safety and Health, Mine Environmental Management, and Social Development Sections of the MSESDD respectively, attended the 2016 National MSESDD Forum on March 14-18, 2016 at Bayview Park Hotel, Manila. The forum aims to resolve issues and concerns in the regional offices, level off office policies, standardize reports format and monitoring/evaluation system, and sharing of best practices.

The forum was attended by all MSESDD and Regional staff and facilitated by the MSEDD Central Office. Each section was clustered and discussed issues previously solicited from each regions. The highlight of the forum was the plenary session presided by no less that Director Leo L. Jasareno.  Outputs of the activity were distributed to each region for implementation.